Monday, June 27, 2011

Saturday Post on Monday - Half of the Whole

Posting a couple days late.  Lots have been going on and I'm a bit preoccupied. I will catch up on some post as promised...
Today was my “half-marathon” part of training and I feel shockingly great after it.  I changed a few things about my routine so we’ll see if recovery is a bit quicker after this long run than the other.  The run was beautiful and not-so-flat.   The K’ster kept telling me it has some rolling hills…let me tell you –those damn hills were alive with the sound of “crap my legs are killing me and are you f*cking kidding me”.  I made it through them  and am feeling some much needed positivity   thanks to it. 
  • Woke at 5, rolled out of bed by 5:20 (Let’s not mention that to Brian…)
  • Ate a peanut butter sandwich and drank a bottle of water.
  • Stretched.
  • 15 minutes before start- Took 1 Vanilla GU (wasn’t crazy about vanilla)  **I usually take the chomps…this was a nice difference…definitely lasted longer**
  •  9 / 9 ½ minute mile pace up until around 7
  • Stopped at 6 to refill on water
  • Refueled with a ROCTANE GU at mile 7  **Never tried this and it kept me really good till the end of the run**
  • Last two miles were killer because of the hills.  I was feeling hungry again at about that point and started talking about craving a burger when some random dude joined in on the conversation…we talked about all our favorite fixings….(okay we yelled because we were going in different directions)…but on with nice would it be…ketchup, mayo, mustard, cheese, a pickle..some fries…oh yeah…back to the run.
  • Finally made it back.  Had a jug of water and stretched, and talked and was in awe of K’s hair…when I realized my hair was just as knotted up as hers!  It was so humid and misty that it was one big knotty mess.  I’m going to have to try the braid approach next time.  Any other suggestions out there??
  • Got home- drank a chocolate Muscle Milk which I’ve been loving a whole lot for recovery.  Again…more suggestions for recovery meals are very much appreciated. 
  • Then for the big difference..I tried an ice bath.  Let me tell you that shite is cold!!!  I (couldn’t really handle) I had to force myself to sit in it for the first three minutes…it was really crazy cold.  After that Brooke came up to hold my hand and found it truly hysterical that I was shivering.  As I sat in the cold, icy water I Googled “How long should you sit in cold, icy water after a long run”.  Yes, seriously.  Consensus was about 1 minute for each mile. 
    I couldn't get myself to sit yet!

I stopped being a chicken and got right in....not so bad after the initial 3-4 minutes of pain lol

After that, I had three Advil and on to cleaning the house!  I really felt okay after it…I couldn’t believe it!  First long-long run was a success! 
Strategy used during the last 1/4 of a mile..."I'm Going on a Picnic" The things you will do to make it through!
Lets see if I can remember: (can't lie..I had to call K for F and K)
Ding Dongs
Goat cheese
Jelly rings
Lindser Tart


  1. awesome job!!! woo hoo! so excited for you! and I LOVE gu roctane! they are my fave! I have still yet to try an ice you are much more brave than I am :)

  2. I love your idea of "going on a picnic!"

  3. Way to go on your long run. I am to chicken to try an ice bath. I hate being that cold. So my hat goes off to you for getting down in it.

  4. Nice run! that I could ever get in an ice bath. :) Random question...How can you run and have your toenails look so beautiful?

  5. Awesome run! And I love playing games in my head to distract me when the going gets tough. It really helps!

    Ice baths scare me...maybe one day I'll give it a shot.

  6. Great going. Did you ever get a hamburger.

    I think I did an ice bath like twice and my husband thought it was hilarious both times, but it did help.

    Again...good going!!

  7. Great job! Heard all about the picnic and K's hair last night. We missed you!!!!
    Jo Anne

  8. Awesome job on the LR!! Woo hoo! I am such a big wuss and still yet to try the icebath. Good for you for sticking it out. :)

  9. ps...K was kit kat....thanks to those who reminded me! lol


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