Monday, June 20, 2011

PR'ing All of Over da Place!

Okay, so I ran.  I was feeling better towards the end of the day leg wise and a little pep talk from a friend helped me pull through and I decided to run the race...whether I had to walk it or slow it down a bit.  It's crazy to me that I did better than last year considering that I went into the race thinking I'll run slow and I'll take it easy .  Goes to show what being relaxed can do for a run.  (My crazy kick ass massage yesterday could have helped also!)  Sunken Meadow is known for Cardiac Hill...I have to walk it.  Maybe in the future I will make it a goal to run it...but for now...not so much.   
So...on to my PR's
2010 Hecksher State Park 5 mile- 47:37     9:31 pace
2011 Hecksher State Park 5 mile-46:03      9:12 pace

2010 Sunken Meadow Park 6 mile- 1:05:27    10:31 pace
2010 Sunken Meadow Park 6 mile-    58:50     9:28 pace

Pretty cool huh?!  Looking forward to my rest day tomorrow.  Lil' bit of graduation, CSE's and some well deserved R&R.'s a cool tidbit if you didn't know already.  Here is a link to a website that will give you ALL the races you have ever done, the times, paces..etc.  Very cool!  Its called athlinks.  All you have to do is enter your name...and kablam! Your results....for any race you have ever done!

Me and the kiddies after the run

The Groupies
Have fun with that...see you tomorrow! 


  1. I remember Cardiac Hill... that's all I'll write about that. haha

  2. Way to go on the PRs girlie!! I am going to head over to that site...very cool!!

  3. Yeah - great job on those PR's honey!!!!!!
    The kids had a PR of their own last night.....chicken nuggets, pretzels, chips, juice boxes, watermelon, strawberries and an apple........and Brooke downed her 1st can of Iced Tea!!!! LOL

  4. CONGRATS on the PRs!!! woo hoo! I feel the same way. Before I was injured I worked my butt off for certain it seems like with half the effort I am getting just as crazy. Must be the relaxed effort ;) Your post reminded me I want to look into getting a massage! thanks for the reminder! have a wonderful day!

  5. Congrats!!! This is such awesome news and I am incredibly proud of you. You should be so proud of yourself. :)

  6. Wow...great races! Congratulations! :)

  7. Congrats! You are doing awesome!!! And I so miss Hecksher park!! :)

  8. Congrats!!! Wow, those are great times, Annette!!!!


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