Monday, June 20, 2011

A Promise

Its been a couple of weeks since I have posted and I am promising to get back into my daily blogging.  It helped me process all my "stuff" and I definitely could use some processing.  This post is most definitely going to need to be a bulleted much to...process lol.

*  One more week till school is left and I have two HUGE CSE's coming up.  Anyone in the teaching world knows that this is not too much fun.  Graduation for my fifth grade students will be this Tuesday.  I love the graduation ceremony but I am a softy and pretty much cry each time...maybe not a full-blown cry...a weep. Yes, a weep. I'll save the full-blown cry for my kids.

*  Running-  I am going in to week 8 of marathon training.  Yesterday I ran 12 miles after a 12 mile week.  I'm not going to lie it was tough.  Running this much is tough work people!  I give credit to those of you have picked the marathon to have as your race of choice.  I think after September my race of choice will be the half.  I'm pretty sure my body likes that race better.  I won't say definite though because when I was training for the body was liking the 5ks.  This is what's coming up in the HIGDON world this week.
3 m run
6 m run
3 m run
Half Marathon

 I am having difficulty swinging the summer runs and this schedule.  For instance tomorrow is the 10k summer run and I'm not sure my legs are up to it yet.  I am absolutely listening to my body first...then fun times, wanting to be in a race, relaxing with fun people and getting out will come after. I promise you left leg.  (there are a lot of promises in this post...hmm)  Also been trying to figure out my best options for recovery food.    I've been downing a muscle milk after with a banana...been feeling okay with that.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

*Hot, Hot, Hot-a new obsession of mine has been hot yoga.  I really would have never thought I would like hot yoga because I am not a fan of sweaty people or smelly people and I am not crazy about being in really hot and humid places (except if I am laying down tanning with a drink in my hand...and an umbrella in the drink). After two classes this all changed for me.  I absolutely love it.  It loosens up my muscles so much and we know how much I need that since I've been missing my Jason sessions (lol..i love how he is now my jason).  It makes me sleep sooooo well and it makes my skin feel like a baby's bottom! Yeah! You heard it hear first folks!  Honestly though, it really works wonders with the deep muscles and I really don't think I would be able to keep up this mileage without it!

*Lukey turns TWO on Wednesday.  Can you believe that??? Its nuts.  There really isn't more to say about that.   No big party this year because he is getting a swing set...which is redonkulous in price especially considering we live across the street from a park!  It may seem silly to get a swing set when you have one across the street but that park is a double-edge sword...pretty much the same as the ice cream coming around the park every night at 6 30. 

*Drinky, Drinky- Okay so we took the Pops out for lunch on Father's day and I had one cosmo.  ONE.  One cosmo and I was SHITE faced!!  Really?  As I write this I'm already milking a headache.  What's up with that??  I guess my healthyish body doesn't really like the drinky, drinky. 

Drink of choice...cosmo.  Maybe that's why...?
This is me having to sit only about 1/2 hour later...really?
I think I will sign off I have something to write tomorrow!  I hope you will continue checking back because I did make a promise and I am usually pretty good on those.  See you later!

What do you do for recovery after a long run?
Have you, would you ever try Hot Bikram Yoga?

Do you drink and run? (Not at the same time lol)  Meaning can you drink one night and do long runs the next..or am I just getting old?


  1. I feel your pain in the marathon training department. I'm dreading the 13+ mile runs. Happy Birthday to your son!
    And, no, I can't hold my liquor at all...running the next day (yes, even after one drink) would be a disaster. :)

  2. One time when I was training for Boston I went out for a long run, 13 miles, and then came home to get ready for our Christmas party. Well you know how it drink later....I didn't get to the second since I dropped it on the ground! I called all our friends the next day...once I was done being sick!! Just sometimes it doesn't mix well!

  3. So when do you do hot yoga? Not on your run days? So, on a "rest" day? Glad you like it! Yoga is a MUST for me.


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