Monday, June 6, 2011

A Lil' Bit of R & R- Ryders (Eyewear) Review

So I have been holding off to write this review until I used the glasses for biking and running.  When I first received the glasses from Devon at Outside PR, I wasn't full force back into running so it's taken some time to be able to write a fair review.  Here's me being excited about getting the glasses for a review and doing a "practice" run.

Practice run in the den

Okay so here are the details on these very cool glasses.
I received:
Black -Nitrous
Lens- Photochromic Brown, Poly carbonate, 100% UV Protection
Anti-slip Nose pads and temple tips

What I liked:
*They were very lightweight. It was a noticeable difference from the glasses that I already own.
*Stayed on nicely for both run and bike...sweat and all.
*Never ran with glasses before this and really didn't mind it as much as I thought I would.  I especially liked it on the trails.  I didn't get ONE critter caught in the eye those runs!!!
*They are very well priced for such a great name and well made product. All the gear adds up so this was nice to see!
*They were cute and not too manly looking like most of the 'sporty' glasses.   
*I like that they got darker in the sun. 
* I like that I am protecting my lil' green eyes in the bright sun!
* Had no problems with them on the ride.  My other glasses would sometimes slip or hurt the back of my ear.

What I didn't like:
* If I purchase another pair in the future I would go with a lens that is darker.  I just like how they look better.  I didn't realize these were so light.
*They did fog a bit when I ran in the rain. I think it may have been mostly from my breathing.  This didn't happen when I was riding in the rain...hmmm??? More air circulation? 

Would I recommend them? 
*  I would actually buy another pair myself, so yes. Plus if my husband continues to try and steal these I may be forced to! They are very reasonably priced and there are so many varieties to choose from. 

* I was excited to see Ryders Eyewear for sale at one of my favorite running stores-Sayville Running Company...they carry some of the best brands and you know you are getting the good stuff when you go there.  So I am pretty sure that means they would recommend them also!!

I couldn't get any pics in action so here are some before the action...with one of my favorite 'action figures'!!

Do you think she'll notice if I steal these rad glasses right off her face??

Me, my glasses, my son and my COUSINS 40th birthday balloon...(not that 40 is bad...I'm just not there yet!)

My lil' Ryders Eyewear model!!!

Do you wear glasses on your runs? 
Do you wear glasses on your rides?
What brand do you prefer? Have you ever tried Ryders?
Would you be interested?


  1. Cute sun glasses. I usually do not wear sunglasses when running because inevitably they always seems to drive me crazy towards the end of a run. I have however regretted this on several occasions when I find myself blinded by the sun.

    I think I would be interested if I could find a pair that could handle all of my sweaty glory. ha!

  2. love the pics! and the glasses look really good on you!

  3. I love the "practice run" picture! I WISH you ran like that!!!!!!! LOL.... That would make runing a lot more fun!!!


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