Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Title and Idea

Well I have to thank two people. One person for the idea and the other person for the title.

The idea came from a blog named Causerie. Dina had the idea of putting together another blog based on pictures of "things forgotten" This Which Remains .What I loved about the idea is she had another place to go and do what she loves. Another place to show different side of her. That made me think. I originally started my blog to keep in touch with family and friends. To let them know how the kids and my family were doing. Over the years I started writing about other things...and lately I've been constantly wanting to blog about my running and other things I've been doing. I wanted to make it the readers option to go and read what I am doing, learning and loving about running. So thank you Dina for giving me the idea. I would love everyone to visit this blog but didn't want to force feed my running, excercise and food mumbo jumbo down your the choice is yours!

So after I came up with the idea...I thought and thought. What would I call it? I think ( I know) that everything comes to you in time if you -wait-wait-wait for it...So that is what I did. If you know me well enough, waiting, is not what I do instead I kind of forgot about it. Until, I went to accupuncture. I love accupuncture. I love Dr. Liu. She has been someone that I have admired for a long time and someone that just "is" calming. I like to be around her and that is one of the reasons I admire her...wouldn't you love to be someone that someone else admires? Or that someone else is inspired by? So Dr. Liu is someone that has known me through some pretty rough times. Rough times to me being the loss of a baby at 10 1/2 weeks, infertility,  and just plain ole'being tired and wiped out from it all. I hadn't gone to her in about 7 months because of insurance crap. So two weeks ago when I went in she was so happy to see me, her face lit up, she looked me up and down, touched my shoulder and said "Annette, wow you look wonderful. You are NOW going in the right direction". That my friends is when I smiled...and said, "Thank you", (again)Dr. Liu.

So this blog will look back on how I started running, what I am doing, what I am looking forward to...I hope you'll join me for a read...or maybe even for a short run!

So answer me this: Who has inspired you? How and did you follow the inspiration?


  1. I'm stunned! This is so wonderful and it's going to be extremely helpful to not just seasoned runners, but people like me who are trying to "run in the direction" of good health and an active lifestyle. I love this! Congratulations on doing what you love!

  2. Dina, Thanks! Excited about it too! Can't wait to share all of our thoughts and ideas! Beginners and those out there that know more...I feel like I've only just begun!!

  3. Annette,

    Watching how far you've come -- from a beginner to a half-marathoner to a duathlete -- has been really amazing. YOU were my inspiration to get fit after my pregnancy!!!! You know me -- I gained over 50 pounds and honestly I could not imagine how in the world I was going to lose that, not to mention the 25 extra pounds I was carrying when I got pregnant.

    But then I watched you and saw how determined you were, how methodical, and you gave me a real, living, breathing example of a mommy who DID IT! You didn't just lose your pregnancy weight, you turned into an athlete. It was truly inspirational.

    I also learned from your example that running is not my thing!!! LOL........ That sounds like a negative, but its not -- its really a positive. I've been running for years and never really progressed beyond a certain point. Because honestly, my heart is just no in it. So I started doing the thing that I really enjoy -- yoga -- and it has made a huge difference in how I feel.

    I am still working on becoming the "yogathlete" that I dream of being.... and having thighs like yours........ LOL..... and you continue to inspire me as I do.

    I love this new blog! I will definitely be following along.

  4. That last comment was me!!! I didn't mean to post as Anonymous -- that was a "whoops" on the mouse. :)


  5. Marie! That seriously choked me up!! Thank you! I also think you make a GREAT point...running is NOT going to be something that everyone takes a liking to nor should it be. I really want this to be more of a motivator, to talk about new things, new meals, workouts, what makes us tick and get out there to do whatever makes us feel good. Running just happens to be what did that for me. I would love everyone to share the things that make them feel excercise etc. I think thats what I love most about running. It has opened a whole new world for me...a new stage...having fun in a healthy way.


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