Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Baby Steps

It all started with baby steps. When I first told my mom I was running in a 5k, she looked at me like I was losing my mind. I guess because when I was in elementary school I would ask for notes every time we had gym stating that my asthma was bothering me. All Mr. Ketcham was asking me to do was run around the circle 4 times! I'm pretty sure it equalled 1 mile. I couldn't, wouldn't do it. This would be why my mom looked at me like I was losing my mind.

I've never been lazy, or someone that sits on a couch all day but I've also never been someone to 'just go for a run'. So when did that change? It started on a treadmill with a little healthy competition. It was after I had Brooke and I couldn't get those extra pounds off. When I say extra...I MEAN extra! So we started on the treadmill walking. Just walking and talking. One day, I thought, maybe I'll just run for 30 seconds. I wanted to get the calorie counter higher and I knew the faster I went, the further I would go, which meant the higher the calories burned. It was all simple math. I could do this. So that is what I did and then that is what she did also (she being my gym partner at the time-which I highly recommend in the beginning). Each day we would jump it up a little. 30 seconds turned into 1 minute, which turned into 5 then 15 and so on, and so on. After about 6-8 months we were running at a SLOW pace for an hour. It took a long time. It wasn't easy. I wanted to quit some days. What made me not quit was always remembering the benefits of it. I wrote it down, I stared at it, I read it, I spoke it, I lived it. Then I got pregnant.

So, if you've ever been prego, you know it isn't easy to be motivated to run and it is easy to eat ice cream. This said, I didn't forget what motivated me and I was determined to continue it when I had Lucas.

After I had Lucas, I made it a point to sign up for a race. A 5k. Here is where I posted about it on my other blog First 5k after Lucas. It was hard, not easy. But goals my friends, I believe, no matter how big or small are what keeps us going. Achieving them is what makes us believe and feel good about ourselves.

So answer me this: What are your goals? Big or small!

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