Saturday, February 26, 2011

She's On Va-ca-tion...

...and she was running.

I promise tonights post will be a bit more coherent. I am working on 4 hours of sleep. We went on vacation to visit family in Virginia and then headed on down to South Carolina. Now, I knew the weather wouldn't be exactly 'lay on the beach in your bathing suit weather' (although the kids did get in the paper for doing exactly that in February!) but I went anyway knowing the kids would be able to run around outside and not have to wear sixteen layers and I knew that I would be able to run and bike without freezing my butt off.

Big achievement for the vacation was that I decided to do a mock biathlon to practice what I will be doing in March in New York City. Its called March Madness and it will be my FIRST duathlon/biathlon. Am I nervous? Um, thats par for the course. It wouldn't be a race if I wasn't nervous. But at the same time its the positive nervous feeling and it brings on another challenge. What I'm a bit concerned about is that this year I did sign up for a lot of "firsts"...and I'm already thinking..."What the HECK am I going to do next year!?!"

So that was my big achievement. My not so big achievement is that the next day I couldn't help but eat the WHOLE bag of peanut m&m's that we got from the It's Sugar store. Okay so I have momentary lapses of reverting back to the old Annette's eating patterns...but lets say it out loud folks...PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION! (My new motto).


  1. "Progress not perfection", there, I said it. When is this biathalon? I know in March but when exactly?

  2. I'm anonymous, Maria, your sister. for some reason it won't let me write my name. booo.

  3. Wow -- that is some vacation!!! LOL..... How long is the biathlong? And its running and biking right?


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