Friday, February 18, 2011

Mistakes = Learning

Long Island Half Marathon. My first!

Here are pictures from the first out of two half marathons that I ran in. Those two little ones are my biggest fans. It has to be the most touching and inspirational sound to hear your own child chearing you on and being completely and utterly proud of you. You could hear Brooke a mile away screaming "Go, Mommy, Go"...that's if her father brings her to the right route...(that's a whole different post...).

The Long Island Marathon was my first and I learned so much from it. I completely learned from mistakes with that race. I WAS what you could do wrong in your first long race. I went and bought new clothes for that day, I tried to eat differently,I worried about how fast everyone else was running, I didn't trust my training, I drank more than I used to, I stopped at least 7 times to go to the bathroom, you get the point. I could remember one of the ladies that I was running near yelling to me, "Its just a nervous pee you just went 2 minutes ago!". Seriously, I was running into the woods to squat and go...forget what they say that during childbirth you lose all shame...I completely lost all shame when running 13.1 miles. I had to pee...I'm going in that bush right there! I did not care how many thousands of people were running past me.

As soon as I finished and collapsed on the blanket, I felt in a fog. I kept thinking "what just happened?" I realized shortly after that the biggest problem was that I wasn't in the moment. I wasn't running it for the right reasons...I just wasn't present. I couldn't "trust my training" because everything was so scattered for me. As soon as I got home I signed up for my second half-marathon. The Hamptoms Half Marathon. I knew what I had to do.

The Hamptoms Half was my favorite run by far. I was so present, I was so prepared, I soooo loved it. Everything about it. I traveled there myself and when I arrived it was so peaceful and beautiful. I just felt so great and so psyched for the next morning. I never felt so proud of myself before and I hadn't even run the race yet. Being prepared and being confident is a beautiful thing!

In September I ran that race in 2:02:33 (9:30 min mile) a big change from the April race of 2:27:55 (11:16 min mile). Thats the difference a whole lot of training, enjoying the run and being in the moment can do. Do we think we can beat that 2:02:33? That's the type of thinking that keeps me going...argh or makes me crazy sometimes lol...but I can't lie...I love the challenge.

Loving the atmosphere before the race...loving the grub after!

So here it is. I am saying it out loud. I'm putting it in print. I am this weekend signing up for my first MARATHON. I am going to do the Hamptoms FULL MARATHON...oooh I'm nervous already! Nervous and so excited for the challenge. I can't wait for the experience and what lies ahead in the training....pull up your socks, tie your laces tight...cause you're coming with me!


  1. I'll be joining you for the half(my first). I know u will rock it ;0)

  2. Um, you are the only person I know who looks like a freaking super model after 13.1 miles. Seriously, you put Katie Holmes to shame. SHAME! :)

    Good luck on the full marathon! Maybe we can come be part of your cheering team.

  3. oh marie you are way toooo kind!


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