Thursday, July 5, 2012


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The question is when do you want to quit?
There are times I want to quit because I am tired, or because I just feel like I can't go more step, or just because. 
It's work training my brain that I CAN do what I am doesn't come naturally to to say the least I'm proud of my accomplishments...especially that is becoming more of a 'natural' thing for me to just get out there and do it, to support what I am doing by eating healthier and just living a healthier lifestyle.
How far do you push yourself? 
Hm...I can't say I go past my comfort levels all the time...I think if I could work with someone that's the one of the thing I would benefit from more.  I know I have more in me and I think a few words of "get going and stop stopping" would help me.
...when it comes down to it uncomfortable lol.
Do you base your performance on others performances?
I used to in the beginning a lot more than I do now.  I've realized their are so many different types of runners and levels that its impossible to compare. If I compared I would be upset a whole lot...there are some fantastic athletes out there!On that note, I do stilll compare at times but it doesn't aggravate me as much as motivates me to try harder. 


  1. Good stuff. Thought provoking indeed. At 55 I aproach running a lot different than I once did. I used to race others, now it is me against myself.

  2. ok...when do you want to quit?

    sometimes, all the time...sometimes never! I never know when or where or why I feel what I's just there lying under whatever I am bottling up, carrying around or feeling at the moment. sometimes it pushes me and drives me further, sometimes not! If I try hard enough and am physically prepared, (sleep, nutrition etc) I can convince myself to turn it around in a positive light...but, for me in life that is not always the case...

    how far do I push myself?

    Well, we all know ourselves pretty well, and know how far we can be pushed...but again, one day at a time. today may be a better day to give it all i've got or more, but tomorrow may be brutal. your mind will let you know how far to go...or your body will tell you. We have both learned this the hard way i believe, but stupidly continue to challenge it!

    do you base your performance on others or yourself?

    i may be cruifiying myself, but I say both...If I'm being completely honest...BOTH! Any athlete will do this. But, the differnce is knowing how to push yourself to perform better off of others talents in order for you to gain a better performance within yourself. You have to STOP competing against others...but learn to USE their strengths to compete against yourself in a positive manner...whether it be to acheive a better time, a more sold performance, a longer distance, a PR, or just to finish without stopping...others will help you become a better athlete, a better runner, abetter person if you allow it to.

    You are an amazing athlete...You are very insightful...You will achieve what your hope are an observer and you aspire for better within yourself. I see this firsthand... remember, being competitive and competing are two very different'a how we use them to help ourselves rather than to set us back!

    1. That's why I love ya my friend...! Now let's go swim lol.

    2. Tell me when and whre cuz I'm going crazy right now!

  3. Great post!! I do fall into comparing but I am trying my best not to! I actually just wrote a post about it today!


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