Friday, July 6, 2012

GREAT Run...Too Many Variables..!

I decided to run my long run tonight instead of tomorrow-for a couple of reasons:
1-  There is a slight chance I will drag my but out to join Team Go for an open water swim tomorrow.
2-  It is going to be 105 degrees tomorrow and I don't want to die. 
3-  I will be going to do track repeats with the group on Sunday and I don't want to have it back-to-back with a long run.  Look at me respecting my body...;)

The crazy thing is it was a really STRONG run for me and I felt very good before, during and after it. I would have never predicted it would be a good run because I had...
1-Spent the day at the beach with two kids (enough said)
2- Not eaten dinner yet
3- It was still very hot

But low and was still a good run!  The problem is I'm not sure what made it that way because there were too many variables!!!  Was it that I was running at night?  Was it that I didn't drink coffee today (caffeine does give me a high but it sometimes makes me too jittery and my breathing gets off)?  Was it the Zico water I chugged before hand?  Was it that Coach John keeps telling me to run a 10 something minute mile and I am not worried about pace at all?  Was it the new country music everyone keeps pushing on me?  Was it the night running?  Is it that I am just becoming more accumstomed to the schedule?...

After the run...I may look hot, sweaty and tired...but this is actually what good looks like on me lol

Me triple checking my times...because I really was suprised that this "good" feeling also equalled out to "good" times for me...
(I've been struggling with my normal 9:30 for a while now...)
1- 9:44
2- 9:16


  1. Nice run! We finally have some cooler weather. I ran last night and it was still 88 at 8:45. Today's high is only supposed to be 86, YES! First time in 2 weeks it hasn't been 98 - 105!


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