Saturday, July 7, 2012


Pretty much open water swims scare me.  I don't really know what it is--
the 'stuff' I see on the ground,
the fact that I am getting pummeled by other swimmers,
the salt water soaking into all my pores,
the fact that I could possibly
Each time in the water I have this conversation with myself..
"this just isn't for you, you like running, why are you doing this?"
(my answer is I'm doing what Eleanor tells me to seriously...I hate quitting-I'm not a quitter)

I went to the open water swim meet this morning at 7:30.  Joe knew from the start that I was nervous.  I can't help it...and heck I'm there right?! Give a girl a break.
I'm there because I know I am scared and because I know to get over it I have to be there. 
The whole time I swam I thought of this quote.
I figured Eleanor must be right...and I should just go with it. 

I DIDN'T like when Joe wanted to talk strategies and my toes were being nipped by creatures down below
I DIDN'T like when he thought it would be clever (even though it was)
for him and I to start and for the others to literally swim OVER us...
to get to where they needed to be..
no, I didn't like that but I survived
and today I am a smidgen stronger and more confident
in the swimming department because of it.
Okay Eleanor...
...I get what you're saying
Callahan's Beach where all the 'action' happened!


  1. Way to get out there and face your fears girl!! Yes, stronger for it. ;)

  2. I have said this a gazillion times- the only reason why I will never (never say never) do a tri is because OWS scares the daylights out of me! Literally the thought freaks me out. Your quote is so perfect though- I need to remember it!


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