Friday, July 13, 2012

Being a Mommy, A Runner and Fitting it In

It's been a busy two weeks and I am finally starting to get my running schedule down that was given to me by NYRR.  It's work figuring out how you are going to schedule things in and not neglect your children at the same time.  It takes a lot of work but I'm slowly getting it down and being lenient on the fact that some days I need to switch the mileage with another and I have accepted that god forbid I need to knock off a mile it's-okay-nothing-is-going-to-happen. 

It is only the the four week base building stage so the mileage isn't too high.  It was more of a 'get settled in to your routine' period...
July 1-8
Monday- Off
Tuesday 5 miles
Wednesday 3 miles
Thursday 5 miles
Friday 7 smiles
Saturday Open Water swim
Sunday 4 mile track workout

July 9-15 (not finished obviously but this is what I'll be doing)
Monday 3
Tuesday 5
Wednesday 6
Thursday 4
Friday 7
Saturday off
Sunday 3 miles

The ways that help me get it DONE!
#1 I try to run in the AM (which is a joke right now because I'm tired and I haven't been waking up...hence the word try).  I have been running more when Scott comes home which works out okay because it is a little cooler....

He's my bigger guy on the left ;)

#2  I have been utilizing the gym daycare which the kids love waaaaay more than I do.  I am fine with the daycare but I'm not so fine with the treadmill...but its what I do it.   
NYSC childcare...actually ours has a million and one toys.  I didn't love that at first because I worried about germs...but the kids love it and they haven't walked away with any major ailments.

#3  Its the great invention called JOGGING STROLLER.  Now it ain't easy pushing a 42lb year old and a 28lb pound ( I think he is 28lbs) 3 year old...but its doable and if you have no other option you do it.  I've been finding that I actually enjoy this option a lot and so do the kids.  It is really nice in the evening because it calms the kids down after a long day and it sometimes even puts them to sleep!!! I mean if thats not a bonus I don't know what is.  I will often choose this option if its a 3-5 miler.  Anything beyond that I lose them and I'm hurting from pushing that and trying to keep a somewhat decent pace.  I also usually recruit Scott as a partner on these runs and we do 1/2 mile on 1/2 mile off with trading the stroller.  It's definitely a harder and more intense workout. 

#4  Babysitter.  I don't know about your children but my kids really like having a babysitter.  They think it is so much fun... I really don't do this option much because I can't be paying someone to run.  I use this option when I see I will need a babysitter anyway and then hook on one more hour and there's a 6 mile run.  For example, Scott and I had both had appointments last night.  I needed a sitter for an hour while we were at our appnts.  I added another hour on and him and I met at the trails to do a 4 and what we think may have been 5 (forgot my garmin) mile run. 

Long story short.  It is possible to make it work.  I do prefer doing the deed before the kids even wake in the morning.  I feel its the best option...but sometimes that just isn't happening and you have to have other ways to getting done what makes you feel good. 

This weekend we will be going to the Poconos.  I look forward to the little get-away and running somewhere different.  Ileft only a 3 mile run becaue I get a little spooked with all the stories out there about running alone...and not knowing the area well makes me a little iffy. 

I'm also going to get to use the Just Shake and Go! Vega Smoothie mix that VEGA sent me to review.  I like that I don't need to have my bullet smoothie mixer on me...I'll see how it tasts and let you know!

How do you all get your runs in while also managing a house and kids (or doggies, or kitties)?


  1. Nice balance! I ran as a Dad with 6 children and never neglected my parental duties. I ran a lot of nights and still tend to be a Ninja runner often running after 8 and even 9p. In the summer here in Nebraska it stays light until 9:30, winter is dark, real dark starting at 5:30. But it works for me. I run my 15 to 22 mile runs Sunday morning at 5a. That gives me time to get home and still make church. We only have our 13 year old special needs adopted son home now. He goes to bed at 7:30 and then I run. I pushed him in a stroller from when he was 4 until he was 11. He no longer likes to go now and I do miss him. Our jogging stroller will actually hold 160 lbs and he weighs 86 pounds so occassionally he still goes. Best wishes to you. GO FOR IT. (sorry for the long response).

  2. Way to make it work! During the summer it definitely got tougher to fit runs in. While the kids were in school, it was a breeze by comparison. Mainly, I try to get up early and run before they get up. On the off chance, I miss that window, then I either hit the treadmill while they play in the basement with me, or I take advantage of any time they might be spending with the grandparents. Lately, however, I had been thinking that I might be okay taking them to our local park and then running laps around it. (They are getting old enough where that might work if they are properly entertained.) I haven't quite trusted that option yet though. Beyond that, the gym does have options I could work in. They are not free, however. It's tough, but with juggling, it works. I think the hardest part is the juggling. You can't count on every day being set up the same. Each one is handled differently, and that gets confusing after a while. :) Kudos to you for using the jog stroller. I think I stopped using mine for running about two years ago. Too heavy!

  3. It is nice to hear how someone else does it!! I am trying really hard to figure it out as we speak :) I am all about letting my friends help push the stroller and getting as many runs in before my daughter wakes up and husband goes to work. I have no clue how I am going to do it when I go back to work- eek!


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