Monday, July 2, 2012

Mommy Monday and BtB

BtB- Back to the Bloggin!
Hello Y'All! (Um..that's from hanging with Caroline too much ;)  School's OUT for SUMMER!  I've been doing a lot and its been crazy hectic but I am starting to slowly get into my summer rhythm. 

I started training for the ING NYC Marathon last week.  I am using their training program and have the pleasure of being 'coached' virtually by Coach John.  I'm excited to see where I will go with this and just pumped to run NYC...its going to be such a crazy awesome experience...I get excited just thinking about it.  On that excited note, I have been running what the program has detailed for me..I will get into all that in another post.  I have been struggling with some numbness in my right shin, yes, I did say numbness.  I have an appointment on Thursday to get all this checked out but I'm not tooo worried.  What I am worried about is this lil' guy below. 
This is a pic I took last night when traveling home from VA!
Yes, that would be the Verrazano bridge.  Just a lil' something I'm nervous about ....I'll try to let that be the last time I mention....'him'. 

Mommy Monday!
I've been loving up my kiddies lately and feel so lucky that I get to stay home during the summers.  It's such a nice balance of time and I've worked on 'being ready' to enjoy them in the summer.  It may sound weird to some that it "took some work" for me... but it used to be a hard transition for me....I needed to find a nice balance.  I struggled with between being a total summer bum that does absolutely nothing and having way TOO many things to do.  So here's a taste of what's been going on in the past month....

We've had a dance recital! Look how big she is getting!

Visits to the library for the summer reading program!  It's so funny listening to Lucas explain a book!

The kids in the 'homemade' play house!

Brooke GRADUATED PreK and this is what Uncle Danny got her!!
A huge blow up Graduating Monkey!  I mean why not?!
We celebrated Lucas' birthday and I made him Froggy cupcakes...he likes frogs ;)

Brooke making pizza!
Lucas "cooking" pizza

Eating the goods!

This is what happens during their "free time"

In Baltimore...on our way to VA. 

So here's some of the things this Mom/Runner/off for the Summer (did you hear that rhyme??) has been doing!
I look forward to sharing the trials and tribulations of my first TRI...
see you tomorrow!

What have you been doing that is fun in the sun??


  1. I have been hav ing fun with you!!! that's! the bridge??? what 's the panic? I'll be there watching you, cheering you and holding your umbrella to sheild you from the people peeing from up top ;)

    the folder of pics is on their way!!! Glad your back!

  2. You signed up for your first tri too? I think everyone is competing in their first tri this summer. Maybe I will start the tri bug next summer since I really want to do one...someday. :-) Good luck and I can't wait to hear about it!


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