Monday, January 16, 2012

Mommy Monday - What Happens in Your House? + results

Batten down the hatches...teams unite! The kids are sick.  If there is one area in the mommy department that I could say I'm not too shabby in, its taking care of my kiddies and making them feel comfy when they are sick. Wait?...I'm pretty sure every mommy is good at this!  I think its mommy instinct because its so hard to see our little ones not feeling well.  When the kids are sick there are a few "sick rules" or maybe we should call them "sick exceptions" that go into effect here at the J household!

*  We don't have televisions in our rooms so whomever is sick gets the flat screen rolled into their room so they can stay in bed. 

She looks so upset about the television being in her room....doesn't she?

*  Cover the couches so you don't spread your germs! (this never mommy is always catching what they have at least a week kind of just stuck and its "what we do"..don't knock it lol)
Every doll is sick in the house as well.  You can see Mr. Bear there in the middle.

*  Gatorade and Water Mix
Now, I know this isn't the healthiest  and most nutritious meal but this is what the Doctor ordered.

*  Crack the matter how cold!  Let those nasty germs out.

*  Lots of board games

Okay. This has to be the best game I've played with my kids!  It's called Hedbanz by Spinmaster.
One person has to wear the picture on the head and has to ask questions so they can guess what they are. 
Am I an animal? Do I swim? You get it right?...
Fun and great for language skills!!
*  Box of tissues in the bed

*  Vaporizer on

*  Vapor rub on feet when its a cough

*  Lots of loving

So what do you folks do
when one of yours is down for the count?! 
Do share because this winter seasons seems to have just begun!

Also...Thanks to all who wished me well on my results today.  The bloodwork came back good so that was great news.  They will be monitoring me for the next couple of months to see what happens with the mass.  Keep the good thoughts coming and I thank you again. 


  1. Sorry your kids are sick! :( sounds like you have a better system than I would. I just let them cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie or two. Oh, and we LOVE headbanz!! We have the Disney one. And I LOVEd your comment on my post. You seem to have nailed exactly what I was saying. Thank you. I included your comment in my post. So many people probably took Job to be negative. Not for me. :)

    1. No problem...totally understood your post and glad you used my comment!!:) I will have to try the Disney Hedbanz! They love Disney.

  2. Annette, Can you take care of me too? Did you move Brooke's bed for the tv?
    Also, I never got the smiley face you told Marie I should check in my email.

  3. Awww, your kids look happy to be so well taken care of! Way to go... I get grumpy if we're stuck at home all day, but you certainly made the best of it!

  4. you're such a GREAT mommy!!! glad to hear you're feeling better!!! We had you in our thoughts!

    Too funny those two!

  5. So happy your tests are coming back good! If I were sick, I would want you to come take care of me. :)

  6. Oh my gosh, those little sickes are SO cute!!!! I hope they feel better soon! I love the TV idea. What a treat! And that game sounds awesome!!! I can't wait to come play it with you guys!!!


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