Tuesday, January 31, 2012

COMFORTABLY... uncomfortable

So I went out for another afternoon run on my lunch break today. I have to say I really think I am pretty cool doing that...I feel like I am on a covert mission.  Although, I am not so good at the covert part being that I come back with bright red cheeks, partially sweaty hair and lugging a bag with crumpled running clothes stuffed in. 

Me. And. My shadow.

The run was a struggle because of how hilly it was and that I was trying to make it back in time.  I've been running for two years now and I still feel like I am at the beginning stages.  I feel like I still have so much to learn.  Actually, I should word that differently.  I feel like I am more into understanding, learning and trying to improve now than I was before.  Before, I enjoyed it and was fine going out just to go out.  I was kind of testing the waters.  Getting by.  Now, I am more interested in how to perform better, and how to get my body to work more efficiently, how to fuel.  I'm more passionate about it and when I am passionate about something I like doing it well. 

After my first marathon I began thinking more about my next goals and I decided it would include to become better at what I love doing. I want to improve and in order to do that I think I have to become comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. 

I mean lets call it like it is...no one really likes to be uncomfortable...right???  It's what you achieve after it that makes it worth the while.  Isn't the saying...

Nothing worth having comes easy?

So what I need to do is become more uncomfortable.  Todays run got me discouraged at first but then I realized I just have to do more of those types of runs, I have to make some of my runs challenging...I have to feel the work if I want the achievement of becoming better at what I love to do...and because...

Nobody ever drowned in his own sweat. 
 ~Ann Landers
okay..does anyone else think its hysterical that I just quoted Ann Landers...


  1. I LOVE THIS. ahhhh. so much truth here in every single word. i think so often i look at myself and feel like i am "stuck" and not going anywhere in my workouts...9/10 it has been because i am TOO scared to push myself any further. growth is impossible at that point. well maybe not impossible but it wont come quickly.

    love love love this! your run from today sounds awesome!!! and sounds like you are on a path to grow a lot in your running! so excited for you!

  2. LMAO...hysterical that you just quoted aAnn landers...I better find one from her sister Dear Abby so that she doesn't feel quite left out in the blogging world...wink,wink,nod,nod!!

    with that being said however...I think that being "uncomfortable" is what drives a person to continue to make better...evaluate ones purpose...strive for more...get pissed, and make changes!

    Just be careful though...because being "uncomfortable" can push you to limits you never thought you could think of, imagine or reach, while at the same time crush the very reason you started running in the first place!

    Progress...not perfection! You've ALWAYS had the right motto!

    and btw...you didn't just come back to school red and sweaty...you also came back with a glow!

    Way to go! keep me going:)

  3. I get this. I am trying to work on my speed, lately, and I HATE it because I am UNCOMFORTABLE! I just want to do every run at my comfortable pace and have that translate to becoming faster. Doesn't work, unfortunately. Good job on challenging yourself! :)

  4. So true, so true... we can't improve without some discomfort. I was thinking the same thing last night trying to get some speed work in, it was hard!! Way to push yourself, and especially in the middle of a work day!

  5. Ha! I didn't push myself yesterday...but today I did. It was not fun during...but very rewarding after.

  6. I know exactly how you feel, some runs are easy and smooth and then other days I feel like I have never run before, craziness!
    The life of a runner I guess!


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