Monday, August 19, 2013

Anterior Pelvic Tilt...Aka How to Train Your Butt to Join the Party

That middle guy would be my main issue with running and any pain I have associated with running.  I can remember my parents telling me since I was about five years old...
"Annette, Stop walking with your butt out..."
Um. I would have if knew how....
Till this day I am still researching how to handle this problem.  It is  the root to all my evils.  When I have that feeling of being popped out on my left side or "tilted" or "off"...however you want to explain it....the feeling is just so darn annoying.  It's like a nagging hurt...not too painful but annoying.  A feeling like if you could just pop your back one way you would feel 100% better.
I have gone to PT's, chiropractors and the rest of them.  Long story short, I need to do some work on the below muscles involved.  You would think if I had the time to fit in twelve mile runs on the weekend-that I would have some time to fit this in as well...
I'm working on it....
anyone else walking around with their butt out...or like that last picture lol...their manhood or womenhood leading the way?
It is almost like I have to teach my butt to join the party are some pointers and a link to more info.
Anterior Pelvic Tilt
Muscles Involved
Hip Flexors
Become tight and overused-
Pull down the pelvis and lumbar spine
Underused and elongated , the hip flexors take over the work pulling everything forward
Direct glute work and muscle strengthening
Spinal Erectors
They become shortened from being weak and underused causing the abs to take over
Direct muscle strengthening, endurance building, and stretching
Become tighter and shorter causing a forward lean and the quads to do more work
Muscle strengthening and muscle building stretching
Become tight and overused from compensating for the spinal errectors
Build endurance and strength especially in the Rectus Abdominals and Obliques


  1. I just thought you were bootylicious! LOL!!!

    I dn't think I have this problem. I think my forward/backward alignment is pretty good. My problem is more side to side. I can tell when I stretch that the muscles on my left side are shorter or tighter than my right. It comes out the most in yoga -- I can stretch sooooooo much farther one way than the other.

    So has the PT been any help? I was in so much pain this weekend - I started having muscle spasms every time I took a step, and then it started pinching the sciatic nerve, so my left leg was numb and tingly. UGH. SO annoying!!! (Especially when you have a "runner" like Stella -- she is always running AWAY from me, and TOWARD danger!!! Remember that phase? LOL)

  2. Pt really helps find the muscle and build it. The problem there is my script ran out...I have to get another one. The other issue is I need to keep up with the excercises at home :(. That sciatic nerve pain is no joke...that's similar to what scott was dealing with. And boy do i remember that phase!!!!

  3. My glute problems are apparently all related to and caused by my hip problems that I didn't even know existed. Umm, great!

    But my chiro showed me a really great way to lunge that activates the glutes more than a traditional lunge. Use a gliding disk (or paper plate if you don't have the disks). Place one under your back foot, lift that back heel off the floor, and then slide that back leg back into a lunge. Here's the kicker -- let your chest drop as you slide-lunge back. Traditionally, we have been taught to keep our chests up. By allowing the chest to lower toward the front thigh and really using the gliding/sliding motion, you will activate your glutes more.

    Let me know if it helps!

    1. I love it thanks so much Theia!!!! I will definitely try this. Anything that helps. I have to commit the time to it like I do with the running...that's the other issue.

  4. Oh, and obviously you slide-lunge that back leg forward again to the starting position. I've been doing 2 sets of 10 on each leg.

    1. Definitely way harder than it sounds at first! Especially when its not strong. I can feel it a lot in the front near the that normal???lol

  5. Hmm, in the front near the groin? I will have to try it tonight to see if I feel anything there.

    I was thinking of you Sunday. My PT had me lay on the stomach on the table and showed his student how out-of-alignment my hips are. He said something like, "See how anteriorly tilted her pelvis is?" Then he said to me, "I'm basically telling her you have a badonk." Hahahaha!


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