Friday, February 10, 2012


It's been a whole week and I have been Garmin"less".  It was nuts how the first day I went to go and press the infamous button to stop my time...seriously programmed and controlled by this thing (and as I read my are most of us!).  I am starting to get back to my roots of why I started running and not getting all funked up by the time and how fast I am going.  Does that mean I won't be training hard to get to where I want to be come February 27th???  It just means that I know to get where I want I have to be focused and get the 'fun' back into it.  I have all my books, I've run all my numbers, I know what to was that I was losing the inspirition to do it.  I love what Beth from SUAR wrote after watching an inspirational running movie...

While there were many components to this movie, here is how it affected me: It made me want to simplify. In this day and age of Garmins, intervals, fancy running gear and Sports Beans, it’s easy to get caught up in the extras. While there is nothing wrong with these elements, when they begin to detract from the pure simplicity of the run, we’ve lost the point. 

So true and exactly what I've been saying.  I look forward to my run tomorrow in honor of her cousin Sherry. I will be running it, thinking of her- and GARMIN'less' because that will definitely not be my focus on that run.....


  1. Right on the mark Annette...sometimes by keeping it simple, we end up with the most rewards from it in the end!

    I hope to join in with you tomorrow!

  2. Great advice! I try to live by less is more in all areas of life, and forget to apply that to running sometimes. Thanks for the reminder!


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