Friday, August 16, 2013


I’m back and I have to be honest it is with a bit of hesitation as it is hard for me to start anything that I can’t promise I will continue.  I lost the urge to write for a bit…I can’t really explain why.  Nor do I feel that anyone wants any excuse. I hesitated to come back because I thought “who would even read…?”

Until today, I had my answer. It doesn't matter who reads... 
I was just rereading my Boston issue of Runners World.  I just found myself getting choked up as I was reading part of an article…one that wasn’t even referencing the unspeakable tragedies that happened that day…but where it was explaining how a first time marathoner felt in the beginning of the race.  The nervousness, the quiet unspeakable moments when you are questioning in your head am I ready? Why am I doing this?…etc. etc.   

To me, running strips you of so many things.  It sounds so negative but trust me, it is oh so positive. …which I am sure some of you may relate to.  I feel if done ‘right’ (this is not a pace, this is not a place) you can grow so much as a person when you leave your expectations and bring your worries, your problems with you.  I know that also may sound a bit weird, a bit backwards.   I find that each mile literally has the ability to either allow yourself to let go of something that has been bothering you,  the clarity of seeing how to get through or end a difficult problem, it allows you to respect life, enjoy the things around you and the ability to exhale and breathe…just breathe through everything.  Its strips you clean. 

I think I got choked up because it is so fun and how else can I explain it….exciting, maybe _____ (fill in the blank)? to see or listen to someone else that has figured this out.  Its hard to vocalize what some may describe as a  ‘cheasy’ feeling about running to a non- runner, hence my desire to get it out and just write about it, no matter who reads.   I’m sure this is a feeling that is true with any sport, or something you love….
So I begin....again, To allow my thoughts to come back onto the paper or blog lol….because I’m running a whole heck of a lot of mileage lately for the NYC marathon...and lord knows I have a lot of stripping going on lol.



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  1. I remember that feeling! I find it really kicks in when you start doing distance... or maybe its just when you're really challenging yourself.
    I'm glad you're blogging again! Reading your blog always gets me motivated. :)


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