Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Home (to blog world) for the Holidays

Wow, its been a while, but time well spent away from the keyboard.  I really don't have an excuse, which feels awesome, what feels even better is I don't really feel I need one!! ;)   I've been living, figuring out the ins and out of how to live in a productive more meaningful way and have been enjoying every minute of it.  That sound crazy deep...I mean really?!  But its the truth my cyber friends.  I have been working on giving myself the space to actually think, organize myself and my thoughts, and spend time with my family.  I haven't figured out all the answers by any means yet but I certainly have been going in the right direction, which I'm thinking is a good thing.   My blog, or shall I say, my desire to share has been tugging at me a bit and I decided to slot some blogging time into the few slots I have left.  So for now, I will share a few cute pics because I have to run home to my kiddies and hub.  But I will be back with my new goals--yes, it took a while but I have them, pictures, fun stories and where I am in the running world! 

Lucas in front of his tree.

Elfie loves icebox cake just as much as I do...
Our first run together.  It was eventful to say the least.  She was overwhelmed by the crowd and started crying...I had to run with her on my hip half the way!
My cutie with her Rapunzel doll...she loves her...and that's the face she makes to let you know it!
Best "Nooner" I have ever had!
 I went running today during my lunch and prep...it was nothing less than awesome.

Till next time...
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